Resting Place of a King & Zero Point in Time

Adiyaman & Sanliurfa, Turkey


2 days
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Do you want to broaden your horizons?

If your answer is “Yes!”, let’s head the eastern part of Turkey, the city of Adiyaman where a king and his fellows await you on a bare, windy, isolated mountaintop where lie the most imposing archeological monuments: Ancient thrones and giant busts of gods guarding their king. On the following day, let’s travel to the zero point in time at Gobeklitepe!



  • 1 night accommodation
  • Private tour transportation
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  • Museum admission fees
  • 2 lunches


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Tour Plan

The mesmerizing peak of Nemrut Mountain rising to a height of 2106 meters is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also encompasses other monuments from the ancient Commagene Kingdom which was a border kingdom between the Roman and Persian empires with spectacular views across the rocky and hilly landscape of this little-known kingdom of Antiochus I.

The gods who are aligned on both eastern and western terraces of gravel-covered and 50m-high burial mound which is the final resting place of the king are always willing to accompany you at sunset or sunrise, especially the god of sun and light, Apollo. Before finishing the day and taking a rest, this region, once annexed to the Roman province, will give you some more treats. A good meal deserves desserts!

The second day will not only change the way you look at life but also add a new dimension to the knowledge you have about the origins of civilizations. Gobeklitepe is the place where the early history of civilizations has been rewritten. Its circular structures with T-shaped pillars are more than 12,000 years old. It predates Stonehenge, another circular structure in UK, by 6,000 years. It is older than even the invention of pottery and agriculture.

This prehistoric worship area visit will be followed by Urfa and Harran trips. The origins of these places go centuries, even thousand years back, but they will look new to you vis-a-vis Gobeklitepe that upends the view of the rise of civilizations of the entire world.

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