A Poetic Day in Konya

Konya, Turkey


8 hours


Konya, located in south central, is the largest city in Turkey. This trip uncovers the finest part of the city.

The unmissable and the most remarkable point of the city is Mevlana Museum. The museum remains the most important Islamic shrine in Turkey. “A pointed fluted tower faced with turquoise tiles that can be seen from almost any part of Konya”. That’s the distinctive part of the tomb and the city. That’s exactly where the Islamic mystics, whirling dervishes are born.

Konya was the capital city of Anatolian Seljuks who presented the city great monuments and artifacts which are dated between 11th and 13th centuries, one of the richest periods in Turkish culture.

Seljuk architecture and stonemasonry is known as “poetry in stone”. You will definitely grasp the meaning of the words when the main portal of the Ince Minare Medrese catch your eyes.

Another higlight of this day is a first for Turkey, with more than a million annual visitors, The Tropical Butterfly Garden Museum. The largest butterfly flying field of Europe will turn your trip into an extraordinary journey.

The legendary ornamental flower of Turkey is the terminus for this day.

Before fall of sun below horizon, undoubtedly, you will build up a huge store for social media stories and posts, and end the day with flying colours.


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Tour Plan

  • Today, you get a glimpse at one of the world’s one of the most famous people who is also a poet and visionary admired by millions as one of history’s major spiritual masters.
  • Mevlana Museum is a mausoleum where Rumi is buried. At this elaborately decorated tomb of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, the center of the Mevlevi order, you will be astounded as you discover the ritual of the whirling dervishes, their costumes, music and the dervish dance conceived by Rumi.
  • Konya's major monuments can be visited in one long day. But today, you will visit one of Konya’s medreses (Medrese, school of higher learning). The Ince Minare Medrese (Medrese of the Slender Minaret) serves as a museum of stone and wood carving. The minaret is now only half its original size after being struck by lightning. It is bejeweled with glazed blue tiles. Konya was the first center of tile and glazed brick production in Anatolia, so all the monumental structers are decorated with unique glazed ceramics of its kind.
  • Turkey has the highest variety of butterfly species compared to all other countries in Europe, and the thousands of beautiful butterflies from all over the world provide deeper meaningful experience for visitors. Don’t forget to cast your eyes the Bug Museum to watch the marvelous life stories of bugs.
  • An era, in the Turkish History, carries the name of a flower, “Tulip Era”. Tulips have been had enormous effect on Turkish Culture and Art. Tulip has been a part of the oldest crafts. You can see them in wall tiles, frescoes, fabric, book decorations and literature.
  • Nowadays, one of the attraction points in Konya is tulip fields where you can see the rainbow on the ground. Last verses of the day some particularly stunning fields, you'll want to see in person and be fascinated. Konya is home to these charming fields and very keen to host the travellers hearing the words of Rumi “Come, come, whoever you are”.

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