Holy and Mythical Inspiration of the West

Ephesus, Turkey


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Welcome to Western Turkey! Be ready for the mind-blowing trip following in Blessed Mother’s and the Olympian goddess’ footsteps. Your selfie archive will get richer when you get a selfie at one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Temple of Artemis with counted 127 columns, is the biggest temple made of marble in its age. But, today just one reconstructed pillar is all that remains of the massive Temple waiting for you to be one of the memory about Western Anatolia. Main course of the day is, of course, Ephesus which is the grandest and best preserved one among the hundreds of ancient cities and classical ruins looking forward to being explored all over the country. In theatre, curtain line is the final spoken line of the play. This trip’s curtain line is the House of Virgin Mary. The ruins of this home are rumored to be where mother of Jesus spent her latter years, after being spirited away by John the Evangelist. When you are aware of the time already escaped you on this day, do not get upset, because your hands TOUCH THE EARTH where Virgin Mary walked and Artemis the Goddess ran in chase of the hunt.


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Tour Plan

  • Are you ready to get into the trip that mixes up history, architecture, mythology, divinity and holiness? Aegean coast of Turkey is a beautiful and amazing place with green hills, sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. That’s why one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Temple of Artemis (Artemision), was constructed right in this region. There is not much left from the temple except one lone reconstructed pillar, but this masterpiece of the old times still deserves a visit.
  • Head to Ephesus, the ancient city where you get a feel for what life was like in ancient times. Once you put your foot on Curetes Way and start walking down the street, religious and civic buildings, shops and even restaurants will help you out to understand Ephesian daily life. The step will put you in a time line in the past. This Roman provincial capital will enrapture you upon seeing Magnesian Gate, Gymnasium, State Agora, Odeon, Temple of Domitian, Memmius Monument, Fountain of Trajan, Scholastica Baths, Temple of Hadrian, Latrines, theatre… It is too much, you are right but they are not the half of it! We haven’t even mentioned about Celsus Library yet. Listen to your guide for more information and details. Yes, those were the days…
  • Last stop on this day is a a pilgrimage place for Christians, House of Virgin Mary, declared in the 1980’s by Pope John-Paul II. It is located top of a mountain called “Bulbul”. Mary, supposedly, has spent her last days in here and has come in the area together with Saint John. The basilica which was built in the name of him is not far away from the house. Before leaving, you will feel a sense of calm instilled by this serene place. And, remember to place your prayer on the wall like many visitors did before you.

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