Konya & Salt Lake Tour

Cappadocia, Turkey


15 hours
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Tour Plan

We have a big day ahead of us!

That’s why you will leave behind the unearthly place of Cappadocia at an early but not unearthly time in the morning. Don’t worry about getting up and taking the road early. The whole trip is worth it, definitely.

The first part of the trip is 3-hour drive to Konya on the ancient Silk Road. You will be taking in the stunning beauty of different caravanserais until you reach the city. You had better be all ears! ‘Cause you will see three of them from bus enroute to Konya. But, fourth one, Sultanhani which is the biggest caravanserai on the ancient Silk Road, will be the first and only stop before finishing the first part of your travel.

Saying “Goodbye” to one of the best examples of Seljuk architecture, be ready to say “Hello” to the city of Konya which was the capital of Seljuk Empire, the predecessor of Ottomans in Anatolia.

Rumi, who is known as Mevlana (our master) in Turkey was a passionate lover of God, poet of thousands of poems that overflow with awe at the power of love and visionary revered by millions as one of history’s great spiritual masters. The first place to check and the centre of attraction in the whole city is, of course, Mevlana Museum which houses not only Rumi's tomb but also his robes and original manuscripts of his poems.

When you walk through the doorway of mausoleum, you will hear a line from his poems ''The door is open to everybody'', and you will figure out how he crossed borders of faith, language and geography and why dervish ceremony is not a show, it is just a spiritual inspiration the dervishes offer.

Before the second part of the trip which takes 2,5 hours, you will have time to have lunch and short drive around the city center.

Next destination is Salt Lake (Tuz Golu in Turkish), Turkey's second largest lake. Stretching across more than 600 square miles, it is one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world. While this big day ends, your eyes will be drawn to the west to catch the tranquil and flaming sunset over the Salt Lake and you will catch your breath for return drive.

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