The Mediterranean Blue in Ruins


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This trip lets you dip into ancient history and brush up all the knowledge of ancient times. Antalya is one of the best places on the Mediterranean coast to get a feel for what life was like in ancient times. On this day, you have the chance to leave no stone unturned of ancient cities shrouded in myths. First stop is Perge with its splendid peristyle market. The local sculptures, the women who were very active on the administrative level of the city and many more eye-opening facts accompany you during the tour. The best-preserved Roman theatre of the ancient world, Aspendos, is your next stop. Just a bit further on are the remains of the city's aqueduct. Both are itching to hear your decison which architect is the winner. Do not leap to any conclusion before listening to the story behind these masterpieces. Last stop drags you to ancient harbour, Side, with theatre still lording it up over the surrounding countryside and the temple built in the name of Athena and Apollo, city’s deities. At this top sunset-photography territory, you won’t notice even you TOUCH THE EARTH when Apollo pulls the sun away across the sky with his chariot. As the day fades away, the best way to cool yourself off is the wintry waters of Kursunlu Waterfall especially in summer.


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